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Boys Lust: yaoi manga-sharing comm [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Lust

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[05 Jan 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

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I ♥ Kanou x Ayase, and the banner shows it.

Due to extreme bishie boinkage its adult nature, this community can only be accessed by members. The date of this entry does not necessarily mean a lack of activity in the community; you just have to be a member in order to view all the posts after this date.

Minors are discouraged from joining; any members discoverd to be minors will be deleted from the members' list.

For members:

  • Please be sure to read the rules before posting! We're lenient enough, but only within reason.

  • Post only once a day, for spamming prevention purposes. Mods are the only people that can break this rule, but even they should have a very valid reason for doing so.

  • Flaming and manga bashing gets you nowhere. If you don't like shota for example, don't read manga posts classified as shota. If you don't like non-consensual, don't read manga mentioned as non-con. Ridiculing members who do, will only get you banned. I draw the line however, at beastiality, so no beastiality manga downloads (if any exist) or discussions, please. ^^;

  • Manga download links are divided into the ongoing manga, the one shots manga, and the completed manga categories. Check these from time to time for new download updates.
  • 50 bottles of bishies on the wall|got yaoi?

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