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helping downloads-challenged, mirc-deprived yaoi fangirls and fanboys worldwide.

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Welcome to boyslust, a repository for yaoi manga. Please feel free to share any links you may have in the community. Started simply because uesugi_rin realized she had over 6 GB (and still growing) worth of yaoi manga, and very few people she knew to share it with (and despite her anti-social stance towards maintaining lj comms), the community is for people who find it hard, or have little time, to hunt and download their favorite manga from different websites, or have no idea / little patience in downloading from mirc channels.

Basically, this community is just a place where uesugi_rin can offer some manga that she has. But members are more than welcomed to post links to their own favorites, as well.

Alas, boyslust is also a friends-only community. To view entries, you must first join with your livejournal account.

View the current boyslust manga download links:

ongoing manga

one shots manga

completed manga

Allowed Manga

Members may post anything here, as long as it's classified as "Asian yaoi manga". Aside from Japanese manga / artbooks / novel illustrations, these also include Korean Manhwas, Chinese manga, independent yaoi circles in Asia, etc. Unlike certain yaoi communities out there, we don't discriminate. ~_^ Japanese manga will still be the main emphasis, but we'd like to showcase Asian talents outside of Japan whenever possible as well.

This community however, is tailored towards original manga. Links for fanfiction and doujinshi manga based on an already existing non-yaoi series will not be entertained here, and all posts of that nature will be deleted. Fanlistings, communities, and webpages you might like to plug though, are welcomed, as long as they involve yaoi in some way. Members who continue to post similar links despite repeated warnings will be banned.

BL game screencaps / series collector item screencaps are allowed, but will not be added to the main downloads links page. Post all images under an lj cut.

Posting Guidelines

1. You may post yaoi scanlation links not yet in the links page. Please follow the format below, so that mods will have an easier time knowing how to organize the links for the other members:

Volume / Chapter: (if applicable)
(if you had posted previous chapters in the community, add the post links)
ex: Volume 1, Chapter 3
Scanlation group:
(must also post scanlation group's website if applicable)
Status: completed or ongoing
(if manga is complete: state how many volumes all in all, or specify if one shot. Also, please add the previous URL links of manga chapters in your post)
Type of Scanlation: (ex: Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, etc.)
download link URL:
(is possible, use free upload sites that don't have limited downloads / bandwidth, like savefile.com or uploadsend.com)
Brief description:
Anything else of note: (shota, non-con, incest, etc.)

(If this confuses you, an example of how to post an entry is found here.)

Do NOT post images of the manga / chapter in your post instead of download links. Some people don't have as good an internet connection as you. ^_^

2. Members may post anything they believe is newsworthy as long as it's yaoi manga-related, or ask for requests, or complain about broken links in the links page. Off-topic entries will be deleted, and members banned for repeated offenses. Flaming members / bashing of manga and mangaka for whatever reason is not allowed as well.

If you have to edit your post to make it sound like it's yaoi manga-related, then it is obviously not a relevant post to begin with, and is not allowed. You are free to sell yaoi-centric manga, plushies, etc., but do not add non-related items to the post as well.

3. If it is necessary to post images, please do them under an lj cut.

4. Post only ONCE a day, to avoid spamming and bothering our fellow members. Mods are the only people that can break this rule, but even they should have a very valid reason for doing so.

Manga Download Page

Mods will try to add download URLs to their links page, which will house (hopefully) all manga download links posted within the community. More likely than not, the mods will probably upload these links to their own upload accounts, to minimize download expiration. (This is why it is recommended to use upload accounts in savefile.com and uploadsend.com for manga download links, since it won't let you expire links as easily) A post will be made to the community when the list is updated, although this may take some time, depending on the mods' free time. Browse through the boyslust archives if you can't wait.


Users may ask for manga requests not yet in the links page / database. However, while the mods / members may have a lot of yaoi manga, this does not necessarily mean that they have all the yaoi manga ever made, so the length of time it takes to find said request may vary. Other members are also encouraged to help out on requests if they know where to find the particular manga being asked for. Community, wot? :)